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The triathlon community needs more than just another store. Athletes, beginner to veteran, need a place to come for more than gear. They need a place where they and their families are welcome to come and hangout and socialize with the many great people who reside in our community. We aim to be the central hub of the triathlon community and lifestyle.  We will realize this goal by offering more than just merchandise. 

The “Tri Life Experience” is about a warm smile and a listening ear. We are dedicated to the community by fostering dreams, enduring the work necessary to reach goals, and feeling the pride in succeeding. This leads to our Tag line of Dream. Endure. Succeed. Together as a community we share the quest of the triathlon lifestyle, together we are Tri Life!

Dwayne Dixon - Manager

Background: Playing ice hockey for 12 years, the sprint distance races came naturally to me. Short explosive power for an hour or less! I have an extensive background in coaching, ice hockey, skating, and swimming, and am a certified USAT and USAC coach. I love being a resource for everything triathlon and have managed to turn my passion into a lifestyle and career.

Favorite Distance/Event: I really enjoy the sprint and olympic distance races and would have to say my favorite race is always Age Group National Championships!

Favorite Pre-race meal: My go to for race morning is always a peanut butter and banana sandwich with a large cup o' joe (longer distance races would include a bottle of Ultragen).

Favorite Run Shoe: I have been running in the On Running shoe line up and absolutely love my Cloudrunner and Cloudracer shoes!

Most Memorable Race Moment: By far this would be my experience in London, England at the 2013 Age Group World Championships racing for Team USA!

Over the past 10 years, North Carolina has consistently been one of the top 5 markets nationally for triathlon participation. The elements that contribute to such a great market are the mild climate and active population. These elements are completely evident in our March to November race season and participation levels in the every weekend race options. There is no doubt that the sport of triathlon is growing every year as more and more people join our wonderful community of athletes and competitors.    

As any market grows the consumers within that market demand more options and choices. Nothing proves this more than the number of race production companies which have formed and are doing well in the North Carolina triathlon market. The concept of Tri Life grew from the idea that a healthy triathlon market needs more choices. Two years in planning, the Tri Life concept has grown and developed. 

Jon Wallace - Owner

Background: I began training for and racing triathlons at the age of 13 with my older brother.

Favorite Distance: Olympic. I've never been a great runner so the longer swim and bike definitely help me.

Favorite pre-race meal: Sushi, Sushi, Sushi. It has the perfect protein to carb ratio and after a pre-race poop I'm empty and ready for liquid nutrition on race day.

Favorite run shoe: Currently the On Cloud Surfer but I really like my new Salming Speed's (lime green baby!)

Most memorable race moment: Back in the day (Circa 1990) when I was racing with my brother and a friend of ours. We did a hotel triathlon. We got it on video and everything!  Nothing like race trip antics with your friends!

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